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Return to the Berber Village by Paul Olding

  • Absolutely nothing to do with wine or vines, but available here as it is the Vineyard Owner's second book. 

    1955. Five naive students are on an expedition from Oxford University to Southern Morocco, a country in the throes of a Nationalistic uprising.


    Just over fifty years later, having accidentally stumbled across their story, Paul Olding (along with his nephew James) set out to try and follow in the students’ footsteps, venturing up into the High Atlas Mountains in search of the Berber Village the team had studied/once called home.


    Return to the Berber Village is part memoir, part travelogue, with a strong historical perspective. Tracking down the surviving members of the original expedition, Paul was able to gain first hand accounts of their trip. Now armed with their personal diaries, photographs and an original hand drawn map to guide the way, join Paul as he uncovers how the team of unwitting undergraduates had inadvertently chronicled the final dying days of the French administration of Morocco, and the fall of the infamous French sympathiser, T’hami el Glaoui, the Pasha of Marrakech. Along the way Paul meets the families and friends of people that had known the Oxford students, and explores whether independence has made any difference to the lives of the mountain Berbers, but only after copious glasses of sweet mint tea.


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