Blanc de Noirs Brut 2019

Second Release 


100% Pinot Noir

10.5% abv

Baked Golden Delicious apple on the nose with toasty brioche, lemon peel and smoky undertones. Delicate orchard fruit on the palate. Integrated acidity provides a silky mouth feel with a delightful floral finish. Second release with 24 months on the lees.


Bishop Odo Bacchus 2021


100% Bacchus

12% abv

Beautifully pale, aromatic, dry white wine, bursting with aromas of elderflower and gooseberries on the nose. Succulent notes of lychee, peach and melon on the palate, with an elegant floral finish. Named after the half brother of William the Conqueror who bequeathed the land on which Wildwood now stands to the Bishop as a place for fine hunting.

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Bacchus was created in 1933 by Peter Morio at the Geilweilerhof Institute of grape breeding in Germany by crossing Silvaner x Riesling with Muller-Thurgau. It was then later released for general cultivation in 1972. 


Pandemic Pink 2020


66% Pinot Noir 33% Regent

11% abv

Beautifully pale pink off-dry rosé. Aromas of strawberries and cream on the nose, complemented by raspberry sorbet on the palate, with a lemon verbena finish. Grown and fermented during the pandemic.


Pinot Noir is grown around the world, particularly the New World of California, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, but its origins and soul lies in the Burgundy region of France. It is also one of the key varietals used in the production of Champagne.


Thieving Badger Regent 2021


100% Regent

10% abv

A fresh and fruity light bodied red wine with exquisite aromas of black cherry, plum and blackberry, plus a hint of coffee on the nose. Earthy spiced tones on the palate with nicely balanced acidity, low tannins and a very smooth finish. Matured in old French Oak barrels. The grapes are loved by Badgers who have a habit of stealing them.

Regent (correctly pronounced “Ray-Gent”) is an inter-specific hybrid grape, made up of both the European Vitis vinifera species and American vine species. It was created in 1967 by Prof Gerhardt Alleweldt at the Geilweilerhof Institute by crossing Diana (Silvaner x Muller-Thurgau) with the interspecific hybrid Chambourcin. It was then released for cultivation in 1996. It is a cool weather red wine grape, highly resistant to fungal diseases. 

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