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Wildwood Vineyard is a family owned boutique vineyard. The site was purchased in 2014 as a barren plot of grassland a shaw of woodland. Over the

next 18 months, the nutrients and chemistry of the soil was adjusted to make the field ideal for growing grapevines. The field was also subsoiled, Ďspadedí,

ploughed and harrowed.










In the Spring of 2016, the site was planted with 1842 vines of three varietals - Bacchus, Pinot Noir and Regent. Not long after, the wooden end posts were also installed as were the metal trellis posts and the trellis wire. Bud burst happened and the vines were on their way.










2016 was a very good first growing year and all vines grew as expected.

At the end of the year, pruning was undertaken, cutting each vine back to just two buds. This may sound drastic but it allows the vines to continue their all important establishment phase, encouraging them to keep sending down healthy roots.










In 2017, we had a warm March, and all vines burst back into life. Then disaster - an unexpected and protracted aerial frost burnt all the new growth on the vines. But grapevines are hardy individuals, especially ones that have been planted in well prepared soil. All our vines bounced back, pushing out new buds and growing with great vigour. At the end of the year, all vines were then cut back to leave a single trunk with three buds above the fruiting wire.










2018 started cold, which didnít bother the vines as they were all fast asleep. When the warmth finally arrived in April, they once again all burst into life. This year

the vines are bearing many flowers, and flowers mean grapes. As the vines are still young, we only let them bear a limited amount of fruit, but so far itís looking good for our first harvest.










First Harvest - 2018













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